Our Meadmaker learnt his craft from his grandfather and many of our wines and meads are adapted from those old family recipes. From these beginnings we continued as a hobby, sharing our love of our wines with friends and family. In 2015 we set up King of Cups to share our passion more widely, and in the hope that you would enjoy our meads and wines as much as we enjoy making them!

We pride ourselves on using as much foraged and locally sourced ingredients as we can; for example the elderflowers used in our wine are gathered on fields within walking distance of the winery. Equally we try never to use chemicals in our wines – there is no replacement for skill and patience. When Grandad was asked once what he put into his elderberry wine to make it taste so good, he simply smiled and said, “About ten years of waiting for it to be ready!”

The inspiration for the name King of Cups came from the ancient artifact known as the Gundestrop Cauldron, from where our logo is taken – at 27 inches in diameter, a true king of cups! In folklore, the Tarot card of the King of Cups conveys the meaning of positivity, abundance, happiness and tolerance – qualities our wines are sure to instill!


The antlered God from the Gundestrop cauldron, our mascot!